New Uses for M&Q Oven Bags

M&Q oven bags, sometimes referred to as roasting bags, basting bags, turkey bags or cook-in-bags, are finding ever more new uses in the consumer's home.  Recently, consumers have discovered that M&Q bags provide tremendous odor barrier while at the same time allowing moisture to "breathe" through the plastic film, creating an ideal choice for herb bags, gardening bags, green bags, and a range of other uses.

Ideal for Herbs, Gardening, and More

With the unique combination of moisture permeation and odor barrier properties, people now use M&Q bags to store herbs, weed, vegetables, fruits, and other products. The odor barrier provided by the bags prevents scents from escaping, and the permeable nature of the bags prevents mold and decomposition, allowing you to keep produce, herbs, and other green items fresh and protected. With high-quality bags from M&Q, you can significantly extend the life of many items.

Safe and Convenient Herbal Medicine Storage

M&Q bags are also being used as herbal medicine storage bags. M&Q is the only manufacturer of nylon oven bags that is a 510K FDA registered medical device manufacturer. This means that our products meet or exceed the strictest government standards and can be trusted to protect your medicinal herb products, as well as your vegetables, fruits, herbs, gardening products, and other items.  No other nylon oven bag manufacturer can make this claim.

Odor Barrier Green Bags to Preserve Freshness

M&Q bags keep odors locked inside the bag, but at the same time preserve freshness by allowing moisture to escape so that the herbs and other products do not mold and rot. You can easily extend the life of your herbs, produce, and other items with the convenience of M&Q bags.

Keep it safe and keep it fresh with M&Q bags a leading choice for all of your gardening, produce, herbs, and green storage needs.  Call 1-800-600-3068.